Anita's Story

I was born in Nairobi, Kenya and then went on to live in Nigeria, Singapore, India, Turkey, Cyprus, Spain and Italy.  My mother is Swiss and my father is English so I feel very much at home in London where we all come from places far and wide. As a classicist, I've always loved studying different languages and cultures.

I have been married to my lovely husband, Joey, for over 27 years and we have two incredible daughters, Mia and Poppy, who are now 20 and 22 and studying at UCL and Durham University; they have helped me to understand what parenthood is all about at all the different stages. They, together with all my wonderful clients, suppliers, partners, family and friends have been my teachers, guides and inspiration with all things Anita's House.

Spending time in the markets in India and Istanbul had a huge influence on me as I was growing up. Shopping was more than purely transactional – it was a moment to connect and create a bond between shopper and seller based on mutual trust and a smile. It is this which has inspired my approach to how I run Anita’s House. It’s the old fashioned way of doing business, which I love. It’s giving people time at such a life-changing moment, to listen, to understand and connect at that deeper level. 

It has been and is still my very great privilege to spend time with so many inspirational clients from all of the world, either face to face or via video call.  I am beyond grateful every day to be in a position to share my insights and experience which I have gained not only from life in general but also from helping thousands of parents specifically as they enter the wonderful world of parenting.

Anita xxx