A very warm welcome

In the busy, competitive world in which we all live, we rarely take the time to stop, pause and prepare for our babies.

My wish is for Anita’s House to be a safe and welcoming haven for all new parents; where we feel privileged to hold your hand as you discover a whole new world and where you feel calm, reassured and fully prepared for family life.

Our advice is honest, heartfelt and based on real experience. We are also proudly unbiased because we want to be able to look you in the eye in years to come and know that our advice was the very best for you, your baby and your lifestyle. 

Anita xxx

A supportive community

In the past and in some cultures still, women would be surrounded by other women to help them prepare for the transition to parenthood. It is this ethos which we strive to create at Anita’s House, offering our clients a tried and trusted support network.

Having been in the business for over 25 years, we know exactly who to recommend for any baby-related service from photographers to maternity nurses, garden designers or fitness gurus. All you need to do is ask us for a personal introduction.

We also take pride in our growing family of clients who in themselves create a wonderful community of like-minded parents.


Feeling prepared can help fathers to feel less anxious about the birth, their impending arrival and the associated changes in the family dynamics. We believe in recognising those feelings and offer support for fathers too at a life-changing time that is often focused on the mother and the baby.

Funding research to help others

The Anita’s House Charitable Fund seeks to fund medical research to help others both locally and around the world to experience the extraordinary privilege of being a parent. Contact us to find out more.

In 2018, Anita's husband Joey trekked to the North Pole on behalf of Borne, and as a group these hardy adventurers raised over £1 million for this wonderful medical research charity whose work aims to identify the causes of premature birth to save lives across the world.

Find out more about Borne