With twice the need for the right advice, your knowledge and experience were invaluable.
Jo, mother of twins
True, unbiased advice. As indispensable as finding a good doctor.
We started out on the hunt for a great service called Baby List and we wound up with all that and more...namely a new, terrific friend in you, Anita! It has truly been a blessing to have you in 'our corner'. So thank you again.
A visit to you should be as compulsory as a 12-week scan.
It’s the most extraordinarily brilliant company. Hysterical and increasingly bewildered and confused about what on earth a baby needs and terrified of standing sweatily in a department store just chucking money at the problem, several friends took me to one side and told me the Baby List secret. You go and see them in their calm and reassuring showroom, they bring you cups of tea, tell you exactly what you need (and what you don’t), don’t charge you a penny more for it than anyone else, deliver everything, assemble it all AND take away all the packaging.
Kate Reardon, Editor of Tatler
Best customer service in London!
Beatrice Sichel, Marketing Director (Europe), Ralph Lauren
Book an appointment - a one-stop shop where in-house experts will advise you on what items to get to suit your specific needs. Make sure to add something from Anita’s House – it’s in-house line of beautiful clothes and blankets.
Serena Hood, Executive Fashion Director, British Vogue
It has been a real pleasure working with you. I'll tell all my pregnant (or soon to be pregnant) ladies about the sweet people at Baby List.
Gwyneth Paltrow
Thank you again for all your help, without you we would probably have been lost.
The best advice you can give a friend.
The whole experience was wonderful - I could not believe how "into it" Lawson was - he would not even look at a brochure before we came to you - you must have the magic touch!
You made the whole adventure into a wonderful experience rather than the colourful chaos it might have been without you!
Thank you for the brilliant service you provided. I cannot tell you how well kitted out we felt. Your advice was invaluable and got us all off to a really good start!
I have already told most people I work with about your incredible service. I have a number of friends who are newly pregnant and will most certainly be sending them your way. I'll also share details with our expectant twin parent group as when we met last week they were all as clueless as us - I know you'd be transformational for them, too!
I came in knowing nothing and left knowing everything. Absolutely fantastic service.
I wanted to thank you for such an excellent service, which these days seems exceedingly rare - I couldn't have asked for more, so thank you again!
Our visit saved me endless weekend shopping. I couldn’t recommend it more.
Thank you so so so much for today. We have all been saying all day how lovely it was and what a great time we had - your studio is very special and we just felt so relaxed there. I feel far more relaxed this evening about what lies ahead, and that is all thanks to you.
BIG thank you for sorting me out over the last few days, you were absolutely brilliant and big relief I found you just in time :-) Feeling so happy it's all done.
Anita thank you so so much for yesterday. Sam and I were absolutely thrilled with our appointment and think you guys are fantastic, it made the whole scary baby shopping experience a joy and made us very excited about it all, we literally spoke about it/ raved about you both all of our journey down to Gloucester.
Just to let you know that I have received the delivery! Thank u sooo much for everything, you guys are amazing!! You have made everything so easy and painless, can't thank you enuf!!
I wanted to thank you again for all your help. We really enjoyed meeting you and your help & advice was invaluable. We have found everything from the list very useful! The delivery service was great. They made the experience stress free & were terribly kind & helpful. I have been recommending you and will continue to do so.
When I was pregnant with Baby Girl we had an appointment at around 20 weeks, and after spending several hours with one of the experts, looking at products and discussing our needs, we felt a lot more confident and much better informed about what to buy for baby. We learnt how many bodies we needed to start out with, how many sleepsuits, how many maternity pants, how many sheets and so on. It felt like an efficient way to shop and meant we could ignore all other advice, as we trusted you fully. We also loved browsing all the products in the beautiful showroom, and it was exciting to receive the full list of products we had picked at the end of the session. We then had time to go home and think about it all before placing an order and then receiving the items closer to due date.
Mummy in the City
Thank you so so much for organising everything and making this part of coming back from the hospital to home easy and happy. Everyone on the team had been amazing and so helpful. Am loving all the new baby things. I truly am happy with all the things we bought from you and all the wonderful help I've received.