• Frequently asked Questions


In the first few minutes, I will find out as much as I can about you and your lifestyle, including
where you live and your hobbies and interests. This helps to give me an idea of what products
and services will suit you best. I will then take you through a list of items separated into nursery
categories. These include transport, furniture, feeding, sleeping, bathing and clothing. I will recommend items that I think will suit you and your needs - you can then choose which of these you’d like to include on your shopping list.

An online consultation costs £495 and an in person consultation in your home, hospital or a location of your choice, anywhere in the world, costs £995 (in addition to travel expenses).

On average, a consultation takes about 2 hours, but this could be longer or shorter depending on whether you have already sourced some items.

It is very helpful to have some measurments to
hand. These include the width of your front door
and hallway and, if you live in an apartment, the
dimensions of your lift (for buggies). It is also
helpful to know the dimensions of your nursery
if you are planning to buy nursery furniture.
You might also want to check the make and
model of your car and the size of the boot.

You can choose to have a consultation via video or in your own home, hospital or location of your choice. I am happy to travel anywhere in the world!

At the end of the consultation, you should feel better prepared, calm and reassured having learned a lot about what you will need for your baby and why. I will send you a copy of the list of
items that we have discussed - and guide you on where and when to buy them - so that you can start shopping! You are welcome to contact me with any questions you may have along the way.


A video call allows you to be in the comfort of your own home - or location of your choice. A flexible option in which we can discuss products and share videos and images in real

IN PERSON CONSULTATION - £995 + travel expenses
There’s nothing quite like meeting in person as we can engage on a more personal level. I am happy to visit you in your home, in hospital or in a location of your choice.

PERSONAL SHOPPING - available on request
If you would like my advice on purchasing your baby items in a store, I am happy to accompany
you on your shopping trip.

NURSERY SET UP - £995 + furniture assembly costs + travel expenses
I will help you to set up your nursery so that everything is ready for your new baby. Just
leave all the bags and boxes for me to unpack and set out in just the right places to make it all
as easy as possible when you bring your little one home, including helping you pack your
hospital bag.

FURNITURE ASSEMBLY - available on request
It can be quite daunting knowing where to start with furniture, especially
with a bump in the way! I can recommend a furniture assembly service and they can
make sure everything is put together for you, saving you time, hassle and effort. This can be combined with our Nursery Set Up service.

SECOND STAGE CONSULTATION - £295 (only online, included for members)
Advice on car seats, weaning, sleeping, developmental toys and so much more as your
baby grows ...

Become a member and we can introduce you to our magical service providers who are the best in the business.

To become a member, just email us on hello@anitashouse.com and we will give you more information and can answer any questions you may have.