A very warm welcome

In the busy, competitive world in which we all live, we rarely take the time to stop, pause and prepare for our babies. My wish is for Anita’s House to be a safe and welcoming haven for all new parents, where we feel privileged to hold your hand as you discover a whole new world. We look forward to welcoming you!

Anita x

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A support network

In the past and in some cultures still, women would be surrounded by other women to help them prepare for the transition to parenthood. It is this ethos which we strive to create at Anita’s House, offering our clients a tried and trusted support network.


Feeling prepared can help fathers to feel less anxious about the birth, their impending arrival and the associated changes in the family dynamics. We believe that it is important to recognise those feelings and offer support for fathers too at a life-changing time that is often focused on the mother.

Funding research to help others

The Anita’s House Foundation seeks to fund medical research to help others both locally and around the world to experience the extraordinary privilege of being a parent. Contact us to find out more.

Just to let you know that I have received the delivery! Thank u sooo much for everything, you guys are amazing!! You have made everything so easy and painless, can't thank you enuf!!